Friday, July 22, 2005

amateur facials

Oh yeah....heh heh heh As much as I hate like "Jock" guys the boys across the hall had me laughing this morning when they came in drunk off their ass and were yelling at this Ryan guy, Meghaan's current "friend". Then they got into Meghaan's bed and started humping the Ryan guy while shouting random things in his ear. The poor Ryan guy was so drunk that he was passed out and was not waking up. Then when Meghaan and Anna both were trying to get all four boys out of our room they were like "Julie wants us to stay Facial Girls in here" of course I never said so, but it was weird. It was so funny then they were like "That's why we fuckin love Julie, you guys are bitches" It was so funny. Ha ha ha take that Meghaan and Anna lol lol lol.
OMG I have been so happy like these past two days. I love weekends simply becuase imlive .com there is absolutely every reason in the world to be happy, no class the next day, don't have to worry about anything. Not only that but all the things that seem to bother me lately disappear if only for those brief two days. I don't know, maybe I am driving myself insane with my own thoughts. Believing there is more than what I imagine. It's not like it matters anymore though, because once again I am in a mess of my own mind. I think though one day it will be fine. But today is not that day, and tomorrow doesn't look good either but either way it will be alright again tomorrow morning if only for a few hours.